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Hiking Tours

Vast, echoing and God-like,' the famous words Lawrence of Arabia used to describe Wadi Rum's incredible scenery. One of the best ways to appreciate the vastness of the desert for yourself is to gain some perspective!


There are a few popular hikes around Wadi Rum that allow you to get up high and see some spectacular views. In fact, hiking is one of the best ways to experience the stillness and peace of the desert, enjoy some time in nature and escape civilisation.


Hikes begin by meeting in Wadi Rum village, or after your overnight stay. Following a beautiful drive through the desert, your guide will lead you along the trail, with plenty time to enjoy the views, take photographs, and drink for Bedouin tea!


After the hike, you will descend to the desert floor and your guide will make you a traditional lunch cooked on the fire. You will then explore other sites in the desert by jeep and see the sunset.

Learn more about hiking in Wadi Rum here.


Um ad-Dami Hiking Tour

Jebal Um Ad Dami is the highest mountain in Jordan and sits on the border with Saudi Arabia. From the peak, you can enjoy stunning views over the rugged desert of Rum and southern Saudi Arabia, and on a clear day, see the Red Sea and port city, Aqaba!

Um ad Dami is not a technically difficult mountain but it is a long hike with little shade, so it's wise to cover up and wear plenty sunscreen. The hike takes 4-5 hours. 

After descending from the peak, your guide prepares a Bedouin lunch cooked on the fire. Bottled water and tea are also included. You then explore other areas of Wadi Sabet such as the viewpoint, rock bridge and Bedouin well, before seeing the sunset at Um Sabbatah.

2 people: 80 JD per person

3-4 people: 60 JD per person

5-6 people: 50 JD per person


Around Wadi Rum Hiking Tour

A multi-day trekking adventure, this route takes you around the highlights of Wadi Rum's red and white deserts, and includes the most famous trails of Wadi Rum. You'll sleep out under the stars in the desert every night and your local guides will cook you breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Your luggage can also be transported to your camping location every night.


Starting in the village, you first cross Raqabat Um Ajl and then continue on to Burrah Canyon to spend the night there. The hike then continues to the white desert: Burdah Bridge, Kashaba Canyon, and Um Fruth rock bridge. The final section is in Wadi Sabet close to the Saudi-Jordan border, and allows you to hike Jabal Hash and Um ad-Dami, the highest mountain in Jordan.

Prices depend on the number of days and size of your group. 

Please get in touch to arrange this multi-day trek.

Burdah Bridge Hiking Tour


Burdah Bridge is the most popular hike in Wadi Rum Protected Area, and the mountain trail that takes you to the famous rock bridge allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the white desert.


There are a few different trails depending on your fitness level: seasoned climbers will enjoy the steep ascent, whereas regular hikers will enjoy the more relaxed route!

The hike takes 3 hours in total, and lunch, bottled water and tea are included. After lunch (and a well-deserved rest), you will explore areas of the white desert and see the sunset at Um Sabbatah.

2 people: 70 JD per person

3-4 people: 50 JD per person

5-6 people: 40 JD per person



Raqabat Um Ajl Hiking Tour

Raqabat Um Ajl is a mountain pass between Um Ashrin and Um Ajl, two huge mountains in Wadi Rum's main valley. The trail takes you from the red sand dunes to Wadi Rum village. Legend has it, Abdalsalam used to walk this trail to school every morning, from his family tent in the desert!

Raqabat Um Ajl takes 4 hours and is a moderate hike with some scrambling involved. 

After the hike, your guide will cook you a Bedouin lunch on the fire, and you can then explore the red desert by jeep and see the sunset.

2 people: 50 JD per person

3-4 people: 40 JD per person

5-6 people: 35 JD per person


Optional Extras

Add on a camel ride or overnight stay to your tour for a discounted price.

Camel Ride


Gone are the days when Bedouins traverse the desert on camel back (jeeps are much more practical!) - but camels are still a pretty neat way to experience Wadi Rum at a slower pace. Add a camel ride to your tour and travel back in time to the ancient Arabian silk road.

30 minute ride: 10 JD per person

1 hour ride: 15 JD per person

Cave Camping


Bedouin Camp


Need a hotel? We've got you covered. An oasis in the heart of the  desert, our camp has all the facilities you need to relax after a long day of exploring.

Discounted price with tour: 10 JD per person

Still Undecided?

Get more ideas on what to do on the  "Wadi Rum Travel Guide".

Dreaming of sleeping somewhere a little more private? Our cave is situated far away from Wadi Rum's main valley, and our team will cook you dinner over an open fire. 

Discounted price with tour: 15 JD per person

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