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Camel Tours

Explore the desert at a slower pace and transport yourself back in time to the days of the ancient Arabian silk road caravans with a short camel ride, or a longer camel tour!


Camel Tours

Explore the most popular sites of Wadi Rum with an English-speaking local guide. The camel tour will take you to sites like Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, the Sand Dunes, Little Bridge, and the sunset.

You will also be able to explore desert on foot, take plenty of photographs and relax with Bedouin tea brewed on the fire. Bottled water is included throughout the day.

Camel tours begin in the Wadi Rum village where you will meet your guide. The camel tour ends with a stunning sunset at a panoramic viewpoint and transport back to the village, Bedouin camp or cave camping location.

Half Day Camel Tour: 50 JD per person

Full Day Camel Tour: 70 JD per person


Camel Rides

It can be difficult to spend a whole day on a camel - so we have the option of including camel rides from 30 minutes to 1 hour as part of our jeep and hiking tours.

30 minute ride: 10 JD per person

1 hour ride: 15 JD per person


Optional Extras

Add on a Bedouin lunch or overnight stay to your camel tour for a discounted price. 


Bedouin Camp


Need a hotel? We've got you covered. An oasis in the heart of the  desert, our camp has all the facilities you need to relax after a long day of exploring.

Discounted price with tour: 10 JD per person

Bedouin Lunch

Remember those fancy restaurants where you can watch your meal being made from scratch? Imagine that, but in the desert. Our Bedouin guides will make you a delicious meal like gilayet bandora (fried tomatoes) - the best part is, you get to watch!

Price: 10 JD per person

Cave Camping


Dreaming of sleeping somewhere a little more private? Our cave is situated far away from Wadi Rum's main valley, and our team will cook you dinner over an open fire. 

Discounted price with tour: 15 JD per person

Still Undecided?

Get more ideas on what to do on the  "Wadi Rum Travel Guide".

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