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Bedouin Camp




All of our meals in the camp are freshly prepared on-site. Dinner is usually zarb, a traditional Bedouin dish of meat and vegetables slow-cooked in coal under the sand. It's served with a selection of salads, rice and bread. Other dishes might be kapseh (rice and chicken) or magloubeh (rice, chicken and vegetables like cauliflower, aubergine and potato). 

Breakfast is a selection of local produce: eggs, labneh (yogurt dip), cheeses, olive oil, za'atar, olives, hummus and fruit and vegetables.


Please let us know if you have dietary requirements. We regularly cater for vegetarians and vegans and can leave out dairy, nuts etc. on request, replacing them with beans, lentils and other alternatives.


Staying at a traditional Bedouin camp is an unforgettable experience. Whilst not a 5-star hotel, you do get to sleep with a canopy of a million stars over your head! 

Our Bedouin camp is located in the heart of the Wadi Rum Protected Area in the red desert. It's a short distance away from the village and is the perfect base for exploring the desert. 


At night, the camp is the ideal place to stargaze - there is no light pollution, so you can see the stars and Milky Way Galaxy incredibly clearly.

Enjoy Bedouin tea, traditional meals, and a campfire area which is the perfect spot to exchange stories with other travellers and stargaze!



Tents & Facilities


All tents in our Bedouin camp have Western-style beds, warm blankets, pillows, charging sockets, lights and locks. You can request single or double beds. 


  Our toilet and shower block is shared and has hot water and Western toilets. ​​We're proud to be an eco-friendly camp. We use solar panels to heat our water and provide the camp with electricity. 

Wi-Fi is available.

Overnight stay: 20 JD per person per night

Discounted priced with tour: 10 JD per person per night


Optional Tours from the Camp

Explore the desert with a jeep tour, guided hiking tour or camel ride. Add a Bedouin lunch cooked on fire in the desert.

Jeep Tours


Jeep tours are the fastest and most convenient way to see all that Wadi Rum has to offer - we offer half-day and full-day tours.

Camel Ride


Gone are the days when Bedouins traverse the desert on camel back (jeeps are much more practical!) - but camels are still a pretty neat way to experience Wadi Rum at a slower pace. Add a camel ride to your tour and travel back in time to the ancient Arabian silk road.

30 minute ride: 10 JD per person

1 hour ride: 15 JD per person

Hiking Tours


Hiking tours are the best way to experience the peace and beauty of the desert. We offer three different day hikes, and multi-day treks.

Bedouin Lunch


Remember those fancy restaurants where you can watch your meal being made from scratch? Imagine that, but in the desert. Our Bedouin guides will make you a delicious meal like gilayet bandora (fried tomatoes) - the best part is, you get to watch!

Price: 10 JD per person

Still Undecided?

Get more ideas on what to do on the  "Wadi Rum Travel Guide".

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