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Combined Tour Packages

Our combined tour packages are specially designed to let you experience the very best of Wadi Rum during your stay. 

Choose from our options below or contact us to design your own tour today!


Wadi Rum's Red Desert Tour

If you only have one day in Wadi Rum, we recommend this tour to see the highlights of Wadi Rum's red desert. Start by hiking Raqabat Um Ajl, a famous mountain pass that Bedouins have used for centuries to cross Jabal Um Ashrin and Jabal Um Ajl.


After the hike, enjoy lunch cooked in the desert, then go to explore Lawrence Spring and ride a camel. Finally, see other popular sites in the red desert via a jeep tour of Khazali Canyon, the Sand Dunes and Little Bridge. See the sunset in Khor al Ajram with Bedouin tea.


Bottled water included throughout the day.

2 people: 65 JD per person

3-4 people: 55 JD per person

5-6 people: 45 JD per person


White Desert & Wadi Sabet Tour

Looking to get off the beaten path? Wadi Sabet is the area of white desert close to the Saudi-Jordan border and is less frequented by tourists. Exploring this beautiful stretch of desert is far from any roads, villages or phone connection, and allows you to truly disconnect and experience the wild beauty of the desert.

Choose between hiking Burdah rock bridge or Um ad Dami, two famous trails in the white desert. After lunch cooked in the desert, explore sites like the Bedouin well, Idthitha viewpoint, and Wadi Sabet rock bridge. End with the sunset at Um Sabbatah and Bedouin tea. Bottled water is included throughout the day.

2 people: 90 JD per person

3-4 people: 80 JD per person

5-6 people: 70 JD per person


Overnight Stay

Add an overnight stay to your tour for a discounted price.

Bedouin Camp


Need a hotel? We've got you covered. An oasis in the heart of the  desert, our camp has all the facilities you need to relax after a long day of exploring.

Discounted price with tour: 10 JD per person

Cave Camping


Dreaming of sleeping somewhere a little more private? Our cave is situated far away from Wadi Rum's main valley, and our team will cook you dinner over an open fire. 

Discounted price with tour: 15 JD per person

Still Undecided?

Get more ideas on what to do on the  "Wadi Rum Travel Guide".

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