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Extra Activities 

A hot air balloon ride, riding the Hijaz railway, and visiting Wadi Rum's herd of Arabian Oryx are all extra activities we can arrange for you in Wadi Rum.


Balloon Ride

You've seen Wadi Rum, but have you seen it from the sky, at sunrise, in a hot air balloon?

At present hot air balloon rides are ran by the Royal Aero Sport Club of Jordan.

Flights start early in the morning, last 1 hour, and are subject to cancellation due to weather conditions.

Adults: 130 Jordanian dinar

Children: 65 Jordanian dinar

You can contact the club directly or ask us to book for you.

The Hijaz Railway Ride

For the history lovers, visiting the Hijaz railway station in Wadi Rum is an educational and fun experience, and you can even book to take part in a re-enactment of the 1916 Arab Revolt!

Contact the Jordan Heritage Revival Company for more details, or contact us to book.


Visit Wadi Rum's Arabian Oryx Herd

Inside the Protected Area, Wadi Rum has a small herd of endangered Arabian Oryx. The eventual plan is to release them into the wild, but for the time being, you can visit them by booking through Wadi Rum Visitor's Center. 

Please be aware that numbers allowed are limited and it's best to contact the Visitor's Center well in advance. Alternatively, you can arrange through us. 


Burdah Women's Cooperative

Founded by the brilliant Um Naif in 2010, the Burdah Women's Cooperative is located in Wadi Rum village. You can visit the center and purchase some traditionally made Bedouin handicrafts like woven bags and jewellery. If you're lucky, you'll get to meet the ladies and drink some tea with them!

Contact us in advance to arrange a visit during their opening hours (closed on Friday/Saturday).



Still Undecided?

Get more ideas on what to do on the  "Wadi Rum Travel Guide".

Overnight Stay

Book a tour through us and get overnight accommodation at a discounted price.

Bedouin Camp


Need a hotel? We've got you covered. An oasis in the heart of the  desert, our camp has all the facilities you need to relax after a long day of exploring.

Discounted price with tour: 10 JD per person

Cave Camping


Dreaming of sleeping somewhere a little more private? Our cave is situated far away from Wadi Rum's main valley, and our team will cook you dinner over an open fire. 

Discounted price with tour: 15 JD per person

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