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Cave Camping


What better way to experience the desert than by spending a night sleeping under the stars?

Choose from a cosy cave in the colder months or on top of a sand dune in the summer. Your guide will set up the camping location with mattresses, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and a camp fire.

Your guide will also cook you a traditional dinner like kapse (rice and chicken) or saniya (potatoes, vegetables and chicken) served with salad and bread.


After dinner, ​you will spend the night deep in the desert, stargazing and drinking tea around the campfire. 

Please note there are no toilet or shower facilities, and no Wi-Fi.

Stand-alone price: 30 JD per person

Discounted Price with Tour: 20 JD per person


Optional Tours 

Cave camping is the perfect end to a day spend exploring the desert. Disconnect for a couple days with our jeep and hiking tours, ride a camel, and have lunch in the desert.

Jeep Tours


Jeep tours are the fastest and most convenient way to see all that Wadi Rum has to offer - we offer half-day and full-day tours.

Camel Ride


Gone are the days when Bedouins traverse the desert on camel back (jeeps are much more practical!) - but camels are still a pretty neat way to experience Wadi Rum at a slower pace. Add a camel ride to your tour and travel back in time to the ancient Arabian silk road.

30 minute ride: 10 JD per person

1 hour ride: 15 JD per person

Hiking Tours


Hiking tours are the best way to experience the peace and beauty of the desert. We offer three different day hikes, and multi-day treks.

Bedouin Lunch


Remember those fancy restaurants where you can watch your meal being made from scratch? Imagine that, but in the desert. Our Bedouin guides will make you a delicious meal like gilayet bandora (fried tomatoes) - the best part is, you get to watch!

Price: 10 JD per person

Still Undecided?

Get more ideas on what to do on the  "Wadi Rum Travel Guide".

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