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Can You Hike in Wadi Rum?

Updated: May 10, 2023

The short answer to this question is yes - there are many opportunities to hike in Wadi Rum Protected Area, and your guide can organise everything for you, so all you have to do is lace up your hiking boots and go!

There are three popular guided hikes in Wadi Rum, and one hike that is possible to do without a guide.

If you choose to do a guided hike with Wadi Rum Desert Home, you'll start the day by driving to the trail head, then hike your chosen trail in the morning. You'll then descend to the desert floor where your guide will cook you a Bedouin lunch, which may be a dish like gilayeh or ful with goats cheese, hummus, baba ghanoush and salad. After lunch, you'll explore more of the desert by jeep and end with a beautiful sunset and Bedouin tea made on the fire.

Hiking Trails in Wadi Rum

Burdah Bridge is one of the best hikes in Wadi Rum, that takes you up a mountain, Jabal Burdah, in the white desert. It's a moderately difficult hike that rewards you with impressive views over the uninhabited white desert. At the top of the mountain is a naturally formed rock arch, Burdah Bridge, which you can climb up to and take photographs on. To find out more about Burdah Bridge and book, click here.

Jabal Um ad-Dami is the highest mountain in Jordan, at 1,854 metres above sea level. Located in Wadi Sabet, close to the Jordan-Saudi border, it's a challenging hike that involves some scrambling. At the summit, on a clear day, you can enjoy views over to Saudi Arabia and Jordan's port city, Aqaba. To find out more about hiking Um ad-Dami, click here.

Raqabat Um Ajl is a mountain pass between two huge mountains, Jabal Um Ashrin and Jabal Um Ajl. The trail has been used for centuries by Bedouins who herd their goats between Khorj al Ajram, Wadi Rum's main valley, and the spring, which is where the present day village is built. The hike is difficult and involves some scrambling and steep ascents and descents, which give you beautiful views over Wadi Rum's red desert. To learn more about hiking Raqabat Um Ajl, check out our tours page here.

Ain Shellaleh is a gentle hike that starts in Wadi Rum village - it's possible to do this hike without a guide, as the trail is marked and easy to follow. On this hike you can see the Nabatean temple, located at the base of Jabal Rum, which was excavated between 1930-1960 and functioned as a temple and bathhouse for the Nabateans between 9 BCE- 40 CE. The trail ends at the Ain Shellaleh, a spring located in a peaceful, shady spot under the mountain.

What to Bring Hiking in Wadi Rum

  • All hikes in Wadi Rum involve some climbing and scrambling, so it's a good idea to wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking.

  • Some hikes have very little shade, and the desert gets hot all year round - bring a sunhat and sunscreen to ensure you don't burn.

  • Your camera or camera phone.

  • A small backpack to carry your belongings and the water bottle we provide.

Overnight Stays

Wadi Rum Desert Home offers two overnight experiences in the desert - stay in our Bedouin Camp or in our cave. Both can be added to your hiking tour for a discounted rate.

Multi-Day Hiking in Wadi Rum

If you have more than one day in Wadi Rum, a multi-day hike might be perfect for you. Rather than driving to the trail head of one particular hike, you will walk from Wadi Rum village around the desert, exploring different areas each day - you can cross Raqabat Um Ajl, Burrah Canyon, Burdah Bridge, Kashaba Canyon and finally hike Wadi Sabet to Um ad-Dami. Each night you will camp in a different location in the desert and relax around a campfire. Your guide will cook you breakfast, lunch and dinner each day from fresh local produce. You can choose to have your luggage transported by car to your camping location every night if you wish.

A multi-day hiking trip around Wadi Rum is an adventure of a lifetime and will really show you how Bedouins lived in the past: it's very much a back-to-basics experience and you will not have access to showers or toilets for the duration of the trip, as you will be deep in the desert away from all civilisation. As we transport water, food and sleeping equipment by car to the nightly camping location, you will be able to wash with bottled water.

To book a multi-day hike in Wadi Rum, contact us with your group size and how many days you would like to hike for. Happy hiking!

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