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Location & Directions



Wadi Rum is in the south of Jordan, easily accessible by bus, car or taxi. From either Amman or Petra in the north, or Aqaba in the south, take the Desert Highway until you reach the turn-off for Wadi Rum, which is clearly marked in English. Most bus and taxi drivers also know where Rum is! The side-road to Wadi Rum takes you east towards the Visitor's Centre. 

Kindly note that as a nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage site, there is an entry fee of 5 JD. We recommend you get the Jordan Pass - it includes entry to Wadi Rum, Petra, many smaller sites, and the Jordan visa. It's a bargain considering entry to Petra alone is 50 JD, and the visa is 40 JD!

If you book with us, we'll meet you at the Rest House car park, the first building on the right at the start of the village. 

You can use Google Maps or the App 'What3Words' to find the following locations:

Directions - Car

Jordan is a very easy country to drive around and you'll find renting a car gives you the ultimate freedom to explore!


Wadi Rum is a 4 hour drive from the capital, Amman, on the Desert Highway, about 2 hours drive from Petra, and 1 hours drive from Aqaba and the Red Sea. Just pop in ‘Wadi Rum’ to Google Maps or your navigation app and you’ll find us. 


You can leave your car in the public car park in the village or at our house (both very safe options). 



Private taxis are widely available and the price varies a bit depending on the company and driver. To give you a rough idea, from Amman - Wadi Rum the price should be 80-100 JD, from Petra - Wadi Rum 35-50 JD, and from Aqaba - Wadi Rum 25-35 JD. If you need any help booking a taxi please just let us know, we can find you a reasonably priced ride. We will also try our best to find other travellers that you can share rides with when possible. Taxis will drop you directly at the Rest House.

Public Transport

From Petra 

JETT buses for tourists run from Petra to Wadi Rum. You can book them here and check the schedule here. The tickets cost 10 JD per person and must be booked in advance online or at a ticket booth. These buses are comfortable, air-conditioned and will drop you at the Rest House.


From Amman

There is no direct JETT bus from Amman to Wadi Rum, but you can take the bus to the turn-off for Wadi Rum and then hitch a ride/ take a taxi from there to the Visitor's Centre. There are also services (shared taxis) and local buses from Amman that take you to the turn-off for Wadi Rum. Again, once you arrive at the turn-off, you will need to hitchhike or arrange a taxi to pick you up for the remaining road to the Visitor's Centre. We're happy to help you with this and if we're not busy we may be able to pick you up ourselves.

Alternatively, you can take the JETT bus to Aqaba and then transfer to Wadi Rum.

From Aqaba

From Aqaba, there are local buses that come at 1pm to Wadi Rum. They return to Aqaba at 5 or 6am every morning. 


For the budget traveller, local buses are a fun adventure that will get you where you need to go (eventually!). Local buses leave the station (mujimma) when they are full so there are no set times of departure and no need to book in advance. Contact us for more information about taking local buses. 

Safe travels!

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